2008 Photo Gallery

ResoSummit 2008

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2008 Photo Gallery
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Tim Stafford of Blue Highway
Tim Stafford of Blue Highway finds the humor in playing for an audience dominated by dobro fanatics. Along with Steve Gulley (of Grasstowne), he co-wrote the IBMA Song of the Year, "Through the Window of a Train", the title cut of Blue Highway's most recent CD.
Breakfast at the Susie Gray Dining Hall
Steve Schaaf and Larry Guy enjoy breakfast at the Susie Gray Dining Hall at Scarritt-Bennett. (Well, Steve Schaaf is looking more like a morning person than Larry, truth be told.)
Michael Witcher, close up

Michael Witcher workshop, ResoSummit 08

Left: Michael Witcher at the opening session. How long ARE those fingers?

Above: Michael teaches a class of 12, apparently competing for how far away they can sit from him. Next year: Glade Plug-ins!


Randy Kohrs, close up
Randy Kohrs, close up.

Tom Foote at ResoSummit 08

Tom Foote expounds on something - hula dancing?

Recording Workshop at OMNISound Studio
L to R: Rob Ickes, Chris Barkley of Canada, Harry Robinson, Greg Booth, and (in black jacket) Freddy Holm, at a recording workshop at OMNISound Studio.

Rob Ickes workshop
Rob taught lots of exercises and warmups, playing in B without a capo - and it's possible that when there was a typo on the schedule ("key of A, no capo" instead of "key of B, no capo), he taught the typo. A flexible guy!


Phil Leadbetter
Informal Jam
An informal jam: L to R: Michael Witcher, Freddy Holm, Abbie Gardner (behind Freddy), Greg Booth, Dave Ross on a peculiar round instrument, and Will Jaffe (gold strap). Photo credit: Adam Frehm

Paul Beard as Spider Man. Photo credit: Adam Frehm
Sally rules! / Sally's rules
Sally rules at laying down the rules! Photo: Adam Frehm

Sally's workshop
This was Sally's ResoSummit debut, but she's a veteran teacher, going back to Haystack. Photo: Adam Frehm

Jerry explains it all. . .
Jerry explains it all . . .

. . . to an appreciative audience.
. . . to an appreciative audience. Photos: Adam Frehm.

Jen Ickes
Jen Ickes staffed the merch table, supplied with lots of reso-gear and a hundred-watt smile. Photo: Adam Frehm
Robinella: amazing vocals a highlight of the closing jazz performance, and of Rob's next solo CD. Photo credit: Adam Frehm
Mike Auldridge & Bruce Auchly
Photo: Adam Frehm

We'll let these two big smiles from Mike Auldridge and Bruce Auchly sum up the experience of ResoSummit 2008.

Thanks to everyone who participated: our outstanding faculty and luthiers, 100 great participants, plus volunteers, sponsors, and friends.

Photo credit for photos in this Photo Gallery: Lee Hiers, or Adam Frehm as noted.

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