ResoSummit 2008

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2008 Photo Gallery

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Blue Highway at the Station Inn: opening event of ResoSummit 2008
Blue Highway kicked off ResoSummit 2008 with a stellar performance at The Station Inn, the nightly home of the Summit.
Gathering for the Opening Session of ResoSummit 2008
The full group gathers on Friday morning for the opening session in Harambee Auditorium, Scarritt Bennett Center.
Rob Ickes Opens the Summit
Rob Ickes, Resosummit founder & producer, welcomes 100 participants and introduces the outstanding 2008 faculty, including:

Andy Hall & Mike Witcher duo

Andy Hall and Michael Witcher, both returning to ResoSummit for their second year as faculty. They're the youngest, so we made them work the hardest, and they are two of the best teachers and players out there.

Opening Session: Jimmy Heffernan & Phil Leadbetter
Jimmy Heffernan, making his first ResoSummit appearance, picks a couple with returning faculty member Phil Leadbetter. Phil is the 2005 IBMA Dobro Player of the Year; Jimmy is widely regarded as an especially gifted teacher.
Opening Session: Dave Giegerich & Randy Kohrs
Dave Giegerich may not have been known to all the Summiteers beforehand, but he and Randy Kohrs elicited some strong cheers from the crowd with their duo performances at the opening session.
Phil Leadbetter workshop - ResoSummit 08 Andy Hall & Randy Kohrs co-teach the blues
Rob Ickes teaching at ResoSummit 08 Mike Auldridge, teaching at ResoSummit 08
The legendary Mike Auldridge. There were no ResoSummits back when he singlehandedly revolutionized the world of the dobro! (Well, maybe he used both hands...)
Sally Van Meter - teacher par excellence! Jimmy Heffernan, deep in teaching mode
Betty Wheeler with Dave Giegerich

Paul Beard of Beard Guitars
Above: Paul Beard, luthier extraordinaire, on the setup, care and maintenance of the resophonic guitar.

Left: Betty Wheeler, new president of the Dave Giegerich Fan Club and Admiration Society!

Tim Scheerhorn dissects the Scheerhorn sound

Abbie Gardner, the official Voice of Resosummit!
Above: Would it be ResoSummit without Abbie Gardner of Red Molly providing vocal support for our workshops? We don't know, and we don't wanna find out!

Left: Tim Scheerhorn dissects the Scheerhorn sound. Pure magic!

Michael Witcher, teaching either fretboard or football

Randy Kohrs & special guest Sally Van Meter at The Station Inn
Above: The Randy Kohrs Band with special guest Sally Van Meter. Contrary to rumor, this performance did not literally set the Station Inn on fire, but many think it was a close call.

Left: Michael Witcher teaches - what, football? Or maybe "Mastering the Fretboard." Whichever, it was great.

Tim Graves teaches dobro "Uncle Josh" style.

Ben Surratt, recording engineer, teaches a workshop at OMNISound Studios
Above: Ben Surratt, recording engineer, teaches a workshop at OMNISound Studios; Freddy Holm (seated at right) came all the way from Norway to compete for the "longest distance traveled" award.

Left: Tim Graves teaches "Uncle Josh" style. We all call him Uncle Josh, but for Tim, it's the real deal.

Jerry Douglas's master class Jerry Douglas & Gaven Largent play Choctaw Hayride
The Jerry Douglas Master Class on Sunday was a highlight of the Summit, and it closed with a truly special moment no one present is likely to forget: 12-year-old Gaven Largent playing Choctaw Hayride with Jerry.


Rob Ickes & special guests Michael Alvey and Robinella:  The closing performance of ResoSummit 2008
All good things come to an end, and ResoSummit 2008 had a very fine ending, with a jazz performance by Rob Ickes, Michael Alvey (piano) and vocalist Robinella.

Many in the audience thought Robinella was singing directly to them, but Robinella confided to us afterwards that she was actually singing directly to [your name here].

Thanks to everyone for a great ResoSummit!

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Photo credit for all photos in this gallery: Lee Hiers

Robinella performs as part of the closing event of ResoSummit 2008.
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